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The mandate of NEWI

Female students face various challenges such as early marriages, female genital mutilation (FGM), early pregnancies, lack of basic necessities (sanitary towels) and learning materials, which have contributed to poor performance in both Primary and Secondary Education. It is for this reason that NEWI – The Women’s Initiative in Education was formed.

Our programs include:

  • Mentorship and Counseling:

Through school visits, coaching and role-modeling, offering motivational talks, career guidance and counseling and leadership camps for girls. NEWI also provides training in general life skills, sponsorship, advice and public awareness.

  • School Support:

Infrastructure support, establishing centers of excellence in different region, offering learning resources and supply of basic needs to schools.

  • Educational Forums

Attend educational conferences, excellence awards, teacher conferences and educational days, where best and most improved students are feted.

  • Scholarship Programs

Offer tuition support for orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC’s).

  • Research and Development

Conduct research to keep up-to-speed with the educational status of adolescent girls in rural areas and also establish the challenges they face to inform solutions prescribed.

  • Managing of Research Funds

NEWI provides post-award support service to researchers in managing account activity and balances, ensuring that all sponsored research funds are administered in compliance with the policies of the funding institution and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).


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